The Canadian Rockies

These are some of photographs we took in the Canadian Rockies where we spent two weeks in July/August of 2006. They are on this page in approximate reverse chronological order. You can best view these pictures through a slide show, a visual travelog - with a short narrative for each photo. If you want a copy of any of our photos, let us know. Click on a thumbnail below to bring up an enlarged picture.

Entrance to Kootenay National Park

Kootenay, still recovering after 2003 burn

Columbia River from village of Radium

Tea at Lake Louise Fairmont Chalet

Moraine Lake

5 of 10 peaks round Moraine Lake

Golden-mantled ground squirrel

Lower Falls, Johnstone Canyon

Castle Mountain

Trail to the Plain of Six Glaciers

Lake Louise from trail to the Plain of Six Glaciers

Further along the trail

Victoria Glacier

Six Glaciers Tea House

Lake Louise after tourists arrive

Peyto Lake

Alluvial till flowing into Peyto Lake

Lake Louise

The Continental Divide

Happy hour at Lake Louise campground

Lake Louise before tourists arrive

View at breakfast in the Icefield Center

Columbia Icefield

Icefield Center parking lot

Icefield highway view

Road work on the Icefield highwy

Clark's Nutcracker, Peyto Lake parking lot

The Athabasca River

Athabasca Falls

Misty morning on the Icefield Highway

Sunwapta River

Narrow Canyon and Sunwapta River

Icefield Center

The Whistlers range, Jasper NP

2 ways to camp, Jasper National Park

Maligne river

Maligne canyon
RVs, RVs, everywhere RVs

The Athabasca River valley

The Crowfoot Glacier

The Icefield Highway doubles back on itself

The retreating Athabasca Glacier

Dome glacier, adjacent to the Athabasca

Main street in Jasper

Pyramid Mountain, Jasper National Park

Banff town from Tunnel Mountain

Lunchtime atop Tunnel Mountain

Bikes at Tunnel Mountain trailhead

Vermillion Lake

View from the Icefield Highway

Bow Lake from the Icefield Highway

Banff Townsite on left, from Sulphur Mountain

Trans Canada Highway going north from Sulphur Mtn

View to SE from Sulphur Mountain

Upper Hot Springs, Banff.

Bow River Valley from top of Tunnel Mountain

Our campground from atop Tunnel Mountain

One of many confusing Hoodoo trails

Bow River and Tunnel Mountain (on right)

Banff Springs Hotel

View of Brewster Range

Soaking tired feet in Bow River

Banff Gondola

Horsetail marsh, Fenland, Banff townsite

Red squirrel midden under its spruce tree

Mt. Rundle over Vermillion Lake

Animal crossing under Trans Canada Highway

Train leaving Banff station

The Hoodoos and Bow River

Cascade Mountain from Tunnel Mountain campground

Tunnel Mountain campground at sunset

Mt. Inglismaldie from campground

Tunnel Mountain campground view

40-mile creek, Banff townsite

Bear claw marks on aspen tree

Banff National Park Entrance

Tunnel Mountain Village II Campground

Mt. Rundle from Tunnel Mountain campground

Columbian Ground Squirrel (gopher)

Gopher at hole beside our campsite

Banff Street, Banff

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