The Best Bird - Two Slide ShowS

           We made a couple of slide shows in response to the wonderful world of birds.

           The Best Bird #1 was made as a holiday gift to our dear ones in December, 2006. It was later modified by adding some photos taken in early 2007. There are 47 photos in this show.

           The Best Bird #2 captures photos taken in the last half of 2007. It is made our holiday gift for our dear ones this year. There are 51 photos in this show.

           We call these slide shows "the Best Bird" because we learned from a park ranger in Big Bend that the best bird is the one you're watching right now. So long as you are able to watch it, keep your eyes on it (preferably through binoculars) and absorb the way it looks; size, marks, shape, body language and behavior. Don't pull out the field guide until after the bird flies away. That way you enhance your visual memory of it. We find that talking about what we see (quietly or in our heads) as we watch it helps us remember the bird's features and improves the likelihood that we'll be able to accurately identify it when we eventually turn to the field guide.

           To learn more about birds, check out our "Bird Watching" page.


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