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          As we've travelled we increasingly have fallen into bird watching. Often we camp in their territory, where it's impossible not to notice and pay attention to these miraculous animals. We started out with just birds photographs, but later we made space for other interesting critters that we come across. In 2006, we sorted the bird photographs into several pages for ease of navigation, and used a selection to make the "Best Bird" slide show. Enjoy!

          Note that in order to reduce file size these photos have been degraded to "web" quality. In most cases we have preserved the original (usually) higher quality photos.

          If you would like a copy of any of our photographs, please let us know. We have kept the originals, which are of higher quality than these on our website - which are reduced to "web quality" for ease of Internet viewing.



"The best bird is the one you're watching right now. Watch it until
if flies away - and only then open your field guide."
A birder we met in Texas



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