Camping Spots, 2008


We usually take pictures of Clemmie at spots where we camp. We have many fond memories from these photos, especially when we can't remember all the territory we've covered.

These pictures are in reverse chronological order as we travelled during the year. Click on a thumbnail to get an enlarged picture.

[Click these links to see campsites for: 2004-5 or 2006 or 2007.]

At Nikki and Gordon's, Rockville, MD. March

Saying goodbye at Beckley's RV Center. March

Three Rivers State Park, FL. February
Country Oaks RV Park, Kingsland, GA. February Myrtle Beach State Park, SC. March
At Don and Carolyn's, Richmond, VA. March

In Mathews, VA, at Don and Carolyn's, March.

At Martha's, Takoma Park, MD. March

Ancient Oaks RV Park, Rockport TX. January

Dellanera campground, Galveston, RX. February

Bay Colony Resort, Dickinson, TX. February

Brazos Bend State Park, TX. February

At Danielle's, Houston, TX. February

Bayou Segnette State Park, LA. February

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Bill Dillon (KG4QFM)
Pat Watt (KG4QFQ)
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