Death Valley , 2007

In November, 2007, we spent four days in Death Valley National Park. Here are some of the photographs we took in this dramatic place. A Slide Show is in the works.

Owens Lake from
Rte 190

Starting descent into Panamint Valley

Sunrise on dunes, Stovepipe Wells

Dunes, Stovepipe Wells

Devil's Cornfield

Harmony Borax Works (1883-1888)

Morning at Furnace Creek

Furnace Creek campground

Sunrise on Badwater Basin

Badwater salt flats

Badwater salt

Badwater crust

Shoe coating, Badwater salt flats

Badwater Pool

Devil's Golf Course

Death Valley from Artist's Drive

Road into Artist's Pallette

Artist's Pallete

Artist's Pallette

Artist's Drive

Road washed out in Golden Canyon

Golden Canyon

Golden Canyon

The Red Cathedral

Sunset at Furnace Creek

Salt Creek

Salt Creek boardwalk

Scotty's Castle (Death Valley Ranch)

Scotty's Castle complext

Hall inside Scotty's Castle

Road to and parking at Ubehebe Crater

Ubehebe Crater

Sunset over Death Valley

Zabriskie Point at dawn

Sunrise at Zabriskie Point

Sunrise at Zabriskie Point

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