Denali National Park , 2007

In June, 2007, we took Clemmie to Alaska for the summer. We spent a brief but memorable 4 days at Denali National Park. Here are some of the photos we took. You can see these incorporated in the Slide Show of our travels in Alaska.

The Canyon

Canyon shops

Denali Rainbow RV Park

Waiting for shuttle bus

Shuttle bus

Dog sled demmo

Sled dog, young Alaskan Husky

Pulled over on Park Road (paved)

Double Mountain, edge of Alaska Range

First glimpse of Denali, barely "out" in the distance

Savage River checkpoint, end of paved road

Mew Gull

Willow Ptarmigan (female)

Road into the Park

Snowshoe Hare

Teklanika Campground

Teklanika River

Polychrome Pass

Polychrome Pass Road

Polychrome Pass

Polychrome Pass viewpoint

View from Polychrome Pass

View from Polychrome Pass

View from Polychrome Pass

Tundra walk, Polychrome Pass

Road into Park after Polychrome Pass

Toklat Rest Area

Toklat River looking north

Toklat River looking east

Road into Park after Toklat (?can you see Denali)

Denali - getting closer

Denali from Stony Hill

Park Road down Stony Hill

Denali behind foothills

Denali is out!

Park road between Stony Hill and Eielson

Park road between Stony Hill and Eielson

Denali from Eielson Center

View from Eielson Center

Red Fox on the Park Road

McKinley River

Muldrow Glacier

McKinley River

Grizzly among berries

Wonder Lake from the south

Wonder Lake from the north

Park Road, Kantishna

Quigley house, Kantishna

Caribou on the Park Road

Hiking beside the Teklanika River

Biking on Park Road near Sanctuary River

Moose in pond beside the Park Road

Gray Jay in Teklanika Campground

Grizzly by the Teklanika River

Alaska Range at sunrise

Denali at sunrise

Denali from North View State Park

Denali from South View State Park

Leaving Denali on the Parks Highway

Last view from Talkeetna

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