In May, 2003 we stopped at Rousseau, the capital of Dominica, on our way south through the Island Chain. We stopped again in January, 2004, on our way north, this time off the Purple Turtle near Portsmouth in Prince Rupert Bay.

You can see these photos as a Slide Show, or else click on a thumbnail below to bring up an enlarged picture. If you want a copy of any of our photos, let us know.

Our "boat boy" Albert, the best.

Our forest guide Andy, second best.


Coconut sorter (with permission)

Coconut harvester (with permission)

Sprouting coconut tree

Coconut tree on farm

Andy finding a snack for us after long hike.

Rural scene

Mahogany tree

Market in Rousseau

Milton Falls in the mountains.

Dominican parrot (we heard them and saw some in the distance.)

Party HQ, in Rousseau

The Purple Turtle

Local craft in rivermouth near Portsmouth.

Family going to work up river.

Rousseau street

Rousseau street scene

Anchorage at Rousseau

Ashore near anchorage at Rousseau

Tree roots near river

Old hurricane wrecks at Portsmouth.

More old hurricane wrecks at Portsmouth.

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