The Florida Everglades

We spent two weeks in the Everglades in February, 2005. Here are some of the photographs we took of in that beautiful, fragile, and highly threatened ecosystem.

The most recent additions are on the top row. If you want a copy of any of our photos, let us know. Click on a thumbnail below to bring up an enlarged picture.

Male anhinga sunbathing

Canoing through a mangrove tunnel

Double-crested cormorant waiting

Flamingo campground

Alligator near Nine Mile Pond

Alligator at the edge of the Anhinga Trail

Great blue heron

Great egret

Green heron

Gumbo Limbo tree

Long Pine Key campground

Nine Mile pond

Everg;ades - River of Grass

Mangrove clump

Squabbling cormorants

Tricolored heron

Wood stork

Alligator in Shark Valley

Clutch of 'gator babies in Shark Valley

Crow at Long Pine Key

Anhinga nest

Egret, heron, and spoonbill feeding.

Three blind mice!

Shark Valley (dry season)

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Bill Dillon (KG4QFM)
Pat Watt (KG4QFQ)
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