Guadeloupe, French West Indies

In May, 2003 we stopped overnight in Guadeloupe at Deshaies, hurrying on our way south through the Island Chain. We stopped in Guadeloupe again in February, 2004, on our way north. This time we stopped in Les Saintes for a little while, and then hung out for a few weeks near Pointe a Pitre.

If you want a copy of any of our photos, let us know. Click on a thumbnail below to bring up an enlarged picture.

Anchorage at Terre Haute, Les Saintes

Ferry returning to Pointe a Pitre

Anchorage near Pointe a Pitre

Plage de Clugny

Anse de la Perle

Vegetable market in Pointe a Pitre

Grande Anse


House in Deshaies

Church in Deshaies

Anchorage at Deshaies

Fish market in Pointe a Pitre

House in Baille Argent

Pigeon Island, Jaques Cousteau's famous reefs

Heading into the rainforest at Maison de la Foret

In the rainforest

Brazen Greater Antillean Bullfinch

Cascade aux Ecrevices

Isle Gosier

Beach at Le Gosier

Construction rip-rap at Port Louis

Fishing harbor at Port Louis

Anse Bertran

Road to Pointe de la Grande Vigie

At Pointe de la Grand Vigie

Entry to Lagon de Porte d'Enfer

Looking out from Lagon de Porte d'Enfer

Windswept Le Moule

Surfing at Le Moule

Pointe de Chateaux

Isle Desirade from Pointe de Chateaux

Transfixed by breakers, Pointe de Chateaux

Windfarm (one of many)

Langouste (lobsters) etc. at Pointe a Pitre

School's in (the water) today

Pit stop with ubiquitous graffiti

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