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These are assorted photos that didn't get included in specific country (Barbados, Dominica, Guadeloupe and Martinique) pages of the Photo Album. You can see more of Grenada in a slide show.The photos below are pretty much in chronological order according to our travels. We regret the gaps--there are no photos from our time in the Bahamas, for example, or other places we visited before we bought a digital camera in late 2002.

If you want a copy of any of our photos, let us know. Click on a thumbnail below to bring up an enlarged picture.

Telemar Bay Marina, Melbourne, FL. (12/01)

Chris reading. Melbourne, FL (12/01)

"Blue Bottle" (aka Portuguese Man O'War. FL beach (12/01)

Sunrise at sea (5/02)

Entrance to Luperon harbour, Dominican Republic. (6/02)

Sunset in lagoon, Luperon. (7/02)

Bahia Luperon restaurant. Luperon, DR. (7/02)

Cano Escondido, Luperon, DR

Cruisers en route to Pico Duarte, DR. (8/02)

Base of Pico Duarte, DR. (8/02)

Colmado at La Cienega, DR. (8/02)

Home at La Cienega, DR (8/02)

Patrick and Lisa serving lunch, Luperon. (9/02)

Lisa. (9/02)

Lagoon at Luperon, DR. (9/02)

Sue. (9/02)

DR kids. (9/02)

Sparky (9/02). May he RIP.

DR cow (9/02)

Trash-strewn beach at Santo Domingo, DR. (9/02)

Entrance to San Juan harbour (Puerto Rico). (3/03)

The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British VI. (4/03)

Breakfast for hungry crew on an overnight passage. (4/03)

Nelson's Boatyard, Antigua. (4/03)

English Harbour, Antigua. (4/03)

New netting lockers. (5/04)

Bungee management. (5/04)

Walillabou, St. Vincent. (5/04)

Union Island, the Grenadines. (5/04)

Sandy Island, Carriacou. (6/04)

Nicky on Sandy Island. (6/04)

The Gamgees, in Grenada. (6/04)

Beach on south coast of Grenada. (6/04)

Flamingo tree, Grenada. (6/04)

Entrance to St. George, Grenada. (6/04)

St. George, Grenada before Hurricane Ivan. (6/04)

St. George, Grenada before Hurricane Ivan. (6/04)

Memorial to Grenada's Prime Minister Maurice Bishop (1983)

Nutmeg processing factory, Grenada

The lagoon at St. George, Grenada. (6/03)

Docks at Point a Pitre, Guadeloupe. (2/04)

Anchorage near Point a Pitre, Guadeloupe. (2/04)

On the beach, near Jolly Harbour, Antigua. (3/04)

Street scene, St. John, Antigua. (3/04)

Papayas growing wild. Antigua. (3/04)

Simpson Bay Lagoon, St. Martin. (4/04)

Simpson Bay and Lagoon, St. Martin. (4/04)

Bridge into Simpson Bay Lagoon. (4/04)

Philipsburg, St. Martin. (4/04)

Cruiseships at Phillipsburg, Sint. Maarten. (4/04)

Provisions for ocean passage. (5/04)

St. David's lighthouse, Bermuda. (5/04)

Cruiseship squeezing out of St. George's harbour, Bermuda. (5/04)

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