In May, 2003 we stopped overnight in Martinique where we anchored at Anse L'Anne on our way south through the Island Chain. We came back to Martinique from Barbados in time for Christmas, 2003, and then stayed through the end of January, 2004, anchoring at various places around the island.

If you want a copy of any of our photos, let us know. Click on a thumbnail below to bring up an enlarged picture.

Anchored in Le Marin

Catamaran crowding us at Anse Mitan

Dillon Rum Distillery

Canal in Fort De France

Center of Fort De France

Fort De France residential area

Fort De France street scene

View of Fort De France from ferry to Anse Mitan

Grand Riviere on the north coast

Volcano entombed jail, St. Pierre

Wild north coast

Anchorage in Les Saintes (oops this is in Guadeloupe)

Beach at Ste Anne

St. Pierre, recovered from eruption of Mt. Pelee

St. Pierre

St. Pierre anchorage

At anchor, St. Pierre

Going swimming in Anse Mitan

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Bill Dillon (KG4QFM)
Pat Watt (KG4QFQ)
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