Birding Mexico , 2007

We took a trip as part of an RV Caravan to go bird watching in Mexico for 2 months at the beginning of the year. You can also see these photos as a slideshow with a map of our route and some details of our travels.

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If you want a copy of any of our photos, let us know. Click on a thumbnail below to bring up an enlarged picture.

Main anchorage at San Carlos, Sonora. January

RV Park view, San Carlos, Sonora. January

Villas, San Carlos, Sonora. January

El Mirador RV Park, San Carlos, Sonora. January

Palm Canyon, San Carlos, Sonora. January

Birding near, San Carlos, Sonora. January

Alamos, Sonora. January

Road going east from Alamos. January

Happy Hour, Alamos, Sonora. January

Mr. Moro Hotel and RV Park, Las Glorias, Sinaloa. January

Beach and birds at Las Glorias, Sinaloa. January

Fishing boats, Las Glorias, Sinaloa. January

Dunes at Las Glorias, Sinaloa. January

Birding trip, Las Glorias, Sinaloa. January

Approaching Bird Island near Las Glorias, Sinaloa. January

Goodbye to the wetlands, Mazatlan, Sinaloa. January

Copala, Sinaloa. January

Durango Highway, Sinaloa. January

Hotel Villa Blanca, Sinaloa. January

Village of Capilla del Taxte, Sinaloa. January

Sierra Madre Occidentale, Sinaloa. January

Birding in the Sierra Madre. January

Caravan stop, Sinaloa. January

View from campsite, San Blas, Nayarit. January

San Blas view, Nayarit. January

San Blas waterfront, Nayarit. January

Peso Island lighthouse, Nayarit. January

Nostalgia-making San Blas anchorage, Nayarit. January

Birding on the beach near San Blas. January

Heartfelt sign, village of Singayta, Nayarit. January

Birding near Singayta, Nayarit. February

Birding near Singayta, Nayarit. February

Sunrise over Rio San Cristobal, Nayarit. February

Birding (?) on the Rio San Cristobal, Nayarit. February

Mexicaltitan, Nayarit. February

Fabled Mexicaltitan, Nayarit. February

No cars in Mexicaltitan. February

Dried shrimp for lunch. February

Walking round Mexicaltitan, Nayarit. February

Birding in jungle near La Bajada, Nayarit. February

Birding in San Blas mangroves, Nayarit. February

Incomplete group, San Blas Nayarit. February

Richard and Georgia. February

Flakie and Snowbird, our faves. February

Happy Hour in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. February

Itchy bites from San Blas. February

Old Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. February

Cobbled road to Playa del Oro, Colima. February

Birding in Barranca el Concho. February

Volcan de Fuego puffing away, Colima. February

Street scene, Suchitlan, Colima. February

Church on the plaza in Comala, Colima. February

Munching on the plaza in Comala, Colima. February

Our wagonmasters and trip leaders Terry and Pat. February

Laguna LaMaria Centro Turistico, Colima. February

Volcán Nevado de, Colima. February

View from Volcán Nevado de Colima. February

Volcano warning, Laguna LaMaria, Colima. February

Sunrise on Laguna LaMaria, Colima. February

Near La Becerrera, Colima. February

Field at LaMaria, Colima. February

Wall of Masks, La Becerrera, Colima. February

House and garden, La Becererra, Colima. February

Meg, Ginny, and Madigan. February

Bill doing guitar practice, LaMaria, Colima. February

Pat birding at LaBecererra, Colima. February

Arches at entrance to Centro Turistico, LaMaria, Colima. March

Guadalajara-Tepic Cuota (toll road.) March

Village by the cuota, Nayarit. March

Laguna Santa Maria del Oro, Nayarit. March

Legend of Laguna Santa Maria del Oro

Birding at Laguna Santa Maria del Oro. March

Roadside memorial, Nayarit. March

View from El Mirador de Aguila. March
In March, w e spent a few days in Tepic, the Capital of the State of Nayarit. Click this link to see a walking tour of Tepic.
Beach (Playa) at Mazatlan, Sinaloa. March

Street retaurant, Mazalan Playas, March

Optimistic condos, Mazatlan, Sinaloa. March

Marina at Mazatlan, Sinaloa. March

Mazatlan wetlands, before and after.

Mazatlan wetlands, birds last feed. March

Happy Hour, Los Mochis, Sinaloa. March

RV Park view, San Carlos, Sonora. March

Side anchorage at San Carlos, Sonora. March

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