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Biking on the Galveston (TX) seawall, 2/08
on the beach at Kennebunk, ME
On the beach with Al and Vicki, Kennebunk, ME. 6/08
on the beach at Kennebunk, ME
In Nova Scotia, 7/08

At the ball game with Craig, Idaho Falls, ID. 8/08
on the beach at Kennebunk, ME
Bill with Dot and their 3 kids in 2003.

Biking in Denali National Park, 7/87.

Pat as a kid

Bill and great-grandson 8/07

Morro Bay, CA. 11/07

Watching sunrise in Death Valley, CA. 11/07

Death Valley, CA. 11/07

Going for a dip, Barton Springs, TX. 12/07

Bill and nephew Paul, 5/07

Visiting dear ones near Seattle, 5/07

In Prince Rupert, BC. 6/07

In Prince Rupert, BC. 6/07

On ferry in Inside Passage. 6/07

Bike ride, Denali National Park. 7/07

Guitar practice in San Juan Islands, 10/06

Guitar practice in Catalina State Park, AZ, 1/07

Deerstalking in the sun, AZ, 1/07

Guitar pracitce at Laguna LaMaria, Colima. 2/07

Birdwatching in La Becerrera, Colima. 2/07

New guitar stool and music stand. Awesome! 3/07

At Biddeford Pool, ME. 4/06

In Garforth, England. 5/06

Practicing classical guitar. 7/06

Admiring the view, Peyto Lake, Banff National Park. 7/06

On Cascade Head, OR. 8/06

In Victoria, BC. 9/06

Thinking about a bath. 6/05

Atop Signal Hill, St. John's NFLD. 8/05

In Halifax, Nova Scotia. 9/05

Helping Gini with barn duty, W. Boxford, MA. 9/05

Christmas in Austin, TX. 12/05

On the river, Big Bend, TX. 3/06

On the shore of the Lynn Canal, Alaska. 1/05

On the beach, Florida Panhandle. 3/05

Fishing on lake Ontario. 6/05

More fishing on lake Ontario. 6/05

In Montreal, Canada. 6/05

Bath in Flagstaff Lake, ME. 6/05

Love that new swim ladder! 1/04

Cooling off under Milton Falls, Dominica. 2/04

Yet another boat project, Guadeloupe. 2/04

On the beach, Jolly Harbour, Antigua. 3/04

Those never-ending boat projects, Sint Maarten. 5/04

Hiking near Jackman, ME. 8/04

Picture of grandma taken by grand-daughter. 11/02

With baby Stevie on Tangara. 1/03

That danged dinghy motore died again. 1/03

One hand for Bill and one hand for the boat. 3/03

Planning trip from Tobago to Barbados. 12/03

Taking a bath in Martinique. 1/04

Travelling incognito. 10/02

Thinking new thoughts. 9/02

Thinking more thoughts in Australia. 10/02

On top of the world (in Australia.) 10/02

Waiting for ??

Visiting family on Australia. 10/02

Bill before beard. 6/99

Up the mast for the umpteenth time. 12/01

Nice buns in Florida. 12/01

We made it to the DR! 6/02

At the top of Pico Duarte. 8/02

Travelling incognito. 10/02

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Bill Dillon (KG4QFM)
Pat Watt (KG4QFQ)
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