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          In the fall of 2005, after working on the Global Change Seminar, we decided to devote more effort to political action. We do this so there will be something left on this planet for our grandchildren. We prod our elected officials and national leaders to be cognizant of global issues. We urge them to exert pressure to make the USA more helpful in solving global problems. We nag our dear ones to take action on climate change and other issues.

          We agreed to devote one or more full days each month to taking political action on global issues. To the right is a list of Action Alerts showing the public policy matters on which we've acted. If you click on an item you'll get more information on what we did or said.

         We urge our readers to join with us in increasing the level of citizen influence on the development of public policy. We've learned that the most effective way to communicate with elected officials is by fax. We use the "Fax It Nice" Internet service to do this for us. We also send out regular emails to our dear ones nagging them to take political action. If you would like to receive these emails, please let us know.


"If you're not part of the mop, you're part of the dirt."
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