Climate Change

December 24, 2006 :

          We decided to focus (again) on climate change. We bought and watched the DVD for the movie, An Inconvenient Truth. We read Kathy Ellison's article in the L.A. Times: Kids Run Hot/Cold on Global Warming. We then bought 10 more copies of the DVD and mailed them to a handful of our dear ones, along with a copy of Kathy Ellison's article and the following instructions:

          Your assignment is to:

  1. Watch the DVD (preferably in the company of others)
  2. Discuss it in the context of such questions as:
              - what most stands out or gets your attention?
              - what do you think should be done?
              - what you’ll commit to doing about it.
  3. Write your name and the date you watched the DVD inside its cover in the space provided.
  4. Give the DVD to someone else together with these instructions.
  5. If it doesn’t work for you to comply with the instructions, for whatever reason, then please pass the DVD on to someone else together with the instructions.

          As an aside, it struck us while watching the film (and we validated it with a little research on the Internet) that there is no scientific disagreement that Earth's climate is changing, and that human activity is exacerbating the problem. There is, however, much pseudo science being peddled by the corporate world with the intent of confusing the general public so that they'll think there is scientific disagreement. Hence the complete lack of action in Congress. It's distressing to find so many putative independent think tanks attempting to debunk global climate science while hiding their oil industry funding. If you find one, refer to Fact Check on their supposed research findings, and look up their funding sources on Guide Star before you swallow their tales.

          Thankfully, state and local governments are better informed and more far sighted so that they are picking up the ball to run with it as best they are able.

          Now it's up to the general public to act. And that means you and us.


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