The Greenland Ice Cap

November 21, 2005

An article in the British Newspaper The Independent today offers some stark warnings about the accelerating rate at which the Greenland Ice Cap is melting. It is melting much faster than had been thought, with potentially disastrous impacts worldwide. This week the world's governments are meeting in Montreal to discuss global climate change, with the USA notably blockading constructive discussion.

Bill sent the following email to our Congressional (House and Senate) representatives and to the White House. We urge our readers to do likewise.

The 20 November edition of England’s newspaper, The Independent, contains an alarming article stating leading scientists' concern about the accelerated rate of Greenland’s glacial ice melting precipitated by global warming. The article cites Prime Minister Tony Blair’s calling the upcoming world governments meeting in Montreal “crucial” and adding that it “must start to shape an inclusive global solution.”

The article further stated that “little progress is expected, largely because of continued obstruction from President George Bush.”

I urge you to exercise whatever influence and leverage that you have available to you to move us back toward rejoining the international community in its collective efforts to address global problems which are too large and all encompassing to be addressed by any one nation.

Having just passed my 70th (the old three score and ten) year, I am increasingly apprehensive about the harsh judgment our grandchildren will have on our generation for the overwhelming and potentially insolvable environmental, social, and economic problems with which we appear destined to leave them through our arrogant “we’ll go it alone” behavior.

I would appreciate a response indicating your current stance on global warming and how you think our government should be responding to this issue.


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