Presidential Misbehavior

April 17 , 2006 :

On his April "Action Day", Bill sent the following letter to our two Florida Senators and member of the House, and to all members of the Judiciary Committee. Having learned that snail mail to Congressional offices is slowed down by various inspections, and emails rarely get read, we have resorted to sending communications by Fax using the FaxItNice Internet Fax service. Here's the content of Bill's letter:

During his execution of the office of the presidency George W. Bush has violated his oath of office to faithfully execute the laws of the land on a number of fronts including:

Taken as a whole, these acts represent a pattern of behavior which conflicts with our constitution, international law, and any common understanding of morality. I am deeply concerned about the appalling precedent that will be set for future presidents if the Judiciary Committee does not initiate impeachment proceedings in response to this consistent pattern of executive misbehavior.

Representative John Conyers has proposed H. Res. 635 which calls for a Select Committee to
investigate President Bush’s lies about Iraq, wiretapping, etc. and to make recommendations as
to whether there is sufficient evidence for impeachment. I urge you to support Rep. Conyers and
vote yes on H. Res. 635.

Please advise me of your stance on these matters and what action, if any you intend to take.

Sincerely, etc.


          We urge all readers to write (fax is recommended) to their congressional representatives in Washington and on the Judiciary Committee requesting support for HR 635.


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