The Iraq Mess

December 14, 2006 :

          We sent a letter to the Washington Post (we don't know if it was published) offering our ideas for the mess in Iraq. Here's what we said.

         What with everyone else weighing in with advice to President Bush about the situation in Iraq, we may as well add our 2¢ worth. So here's what we think he should do:

  1. Apologize! Fess up to the world that we screwed up by invading, and we're sorry for the mess we created.
  2. Go hat in hand to the U.N., and request that it take over peace-keeping while the U.S. withdraws. Provide the necessary financial support. Recognize that as long as we're in Iraq as an occupying force, peace will not return.
  3. Fund a Job-Corps type of program in Iraq to rebuild the country's flattened infrastructure through employment for those hordes of out-of-work young men who are fuelling the violence.
  4. Take a good hard look at our U.S. selves in the mirror. Think about the violence in Iraq and the volatile situation in the middle east through the analogy with domestic violence. Are we the abusive husband or the abused wife? Both play roles and if there's any hope of retrieving the situation then both parties have to accept responsibility for their individual contributions to the violence. We need to do our share. What do we need to change about ourselves?
  5. Face up to the elephant in the living room. It's about oil, stupid. Recognize that our addiction to foreigh oil is not good for us. Respond to the urgent challenge posed by climate change. Begin a Marshall-type plan to switch the US economy to renewable sources and to reduce our mindless production of plastic trash.

          In all the discussion that's been going on, we don't think we've heard these ideas from anyone. They sure make sense to us. Sadly, we're not holding our breath waiting for this to happen.

          We also posted this in our blog.



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