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October 2 , 2006 :

          A story in the October 1 New York Times about the overnight dumping of a tanker's toxic waste in the backyard of a family living outside Abidjan on the Ivory Coast caught our eye. This horrifying situation led us to do some research about the results of one of the excesses of an unbridled global economy - trade in toxic wastes, toxic products and toxic technologies. We learned that most global corporations are based in the northern hemisphere where many countries have implemented expensive requirements for disposing of toxic waste. Consequently, the waste gets shipped south and is being harmfully dumped on the world's poorest countries. Toxic trade is having a devastating impact on global environmental justice. You can find more about this topic at the Basel Action Network, based in Seattle.

          We decided to make this issue the focus of our October monthly Action Day. It motivated us to take another look at our donation program and then to expand it. Over the years we have set up a series of (rather small) automatic contributions to a few non-profit and non-governmental organizations that we think do particularly important work. We're working on increasing the amount we donate, and expanding the number of entities to whom we give. As part of this Action Day, we sent emails to ask our dear ones to give an hour a month to learning more about the work being done by the world's Non-Governmental and Non-Profit Organizations, and to consider increasing their level of support such organizations on behalf of all of humanity.

          For starters, we offer this list of some entities that we support. We think they are doing particularly important work. We encourage readers to spend some time researching issues that they care about, and supporting those entities engaged in positive change.


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