Exposing a Secret

May 17 , 2007:

          Some quotes as background for this month's topic:

          This month we try to bridge the gap between humanity's grasp of physical science and it's grasp of moral science. Axiology is the emerging study of moral science--and it's a well-kept secret. If a person understands axiology s/he can understand the internal thought processes that influence his/her perceptions and guide his/her actions. Axiology is a tool with the potential to remake humanity--if we can figure out how to use it before we destroy each other and our planet. Our goals is to do what we can to enlarge the popular understanding of axiology.

          Bill was once a Board member for the Robert S. Hartman Institute. The Institute promotes the work of Robert Hartman, the discoverer of axiological (moral) science. Last year, as part of his daily reading ritual, Bill re-read the works of Ernest Becker and became aware of the Ernest Becker Foundation. The mission of the Foundation is "to bring advances in social scientific theory to the public in efforts to reduce human violence." A few months ago, while pursuing his interest in axiology, Bill read Hugh P. McDonald's Radical Axiology: A First Philosophy of Values. Once finished with that, he began studying Leon Pomeroy's New Science of Axiological Psychology. These are both ground-breaking works.

          Over early morning coffee, we often discuss what we're reading. One recent conversation led us to decide to try to popularize the works of Hartman and Pomeroy, and link them t0 the Becker Foundation. So, for this month's Action Day, we identify a set of projects to engage in. These naturally follow the articles on this topic we wrote for our Internet Seminar in 2005. Our ideas include:

          We'll report on progress as we go along, so stay tuned. We welcome your help in this endeavor.

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