Absentee Voting

Nov 1, 2006 :

          We have maintained our residency in Florida since we moved onto Callipygia in 2001. Our official address is with our mailing agent, St. Brendan's Isle, in Green Cove Springs, Florida. That is where we are registered to vote.

          We voted absentee this year since we were in Oregon, as you'll see from our travel log. We ordered our absentee ballots on the Internet and received them a few weeks later along with the batch of mail we received when we were in Portland. In checking them out, it appeared that our ballots were for the 6th Congressional District. We thought we were in the 3rd District. That's what our voter registration cards said, and was confirmed by checking out our address with various online sources, including Congress and the Florida Secretary of State. So we called the Supervisor of Elections for Clay County. Surprise, surprise, we are now in the 6th District. Nobody notified us of any change. Who knows why the various databases tell us differently on the Internet. Our guess is that Florida Congressional districts were modified when the legislature redistricted our zip code d into two. It seems that updating the voter records for our zip code was done improperly. If you look at the maps of the Districts on the Internet you can see the severely gerrymandered district lines. Why would you split a zip code? Electoral gamesmanship, we'd guess.

          Anyway, we followed the instructions of the Clay County Supervisor of Elections and voted the ballots we were sent. We returned them by Priority Mail to (hopefully) ensure their arrival well before election day. Who knows if they even got counted.   


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