Stop Commercial Whaling

August 22, 2006:

          Travelling down the Oregon Coast, we stopped at the Oregon State Parks Gray Whale Watching Center in Depoe Bay. There we learned that the US administration is supporting a Revised Management Scheme (RMS) for the resumption of commercial whaling.

          In the early 1930's, recognizing the need to stop mass exinction of whales by the whaling industry, 14 nations signed an International Convention that established the International Whaling Commission (IWC.) The IWC is charged with maintaining a balance between economic and conservation needs. In order to preserve whale species from extincion, the IWC put a moratorium on commercial whaling in 1986. This moratorium continues pending negotiations about how to maintain effective inspection and control schemes for monitoring whaling activity. The resumption of limited whaling under the RMS is now under review and is being supported by President Bush.

          We each mailed a postcard to the White House with the message given below. We also sent unsigned postcards to some of our dear ones asking them to do the same. We hope you will do likewise.

Dear President Bush:

I call upon the US government to withdraw its support for the Revised Managemend Scheme (RMS), the rules for the resumption of commercial whaling. If any form of the RMS is adopted, the ban on commercial whaling will collapse. The United States should lead the world in protecting surviving whale populations. Please use all applicable domestic laws to enforce the existing moratorium, including policial and economic sanctions.


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