Cruising Reference Books

This is a list of the boating and cruising reference books that we carried on board Callipygia. They are organized here into categories for ease of reference. We read, or referred to, many others and passed them on only because we couldn't keep them for lack of space. There is a wealth of knowledge out there on printed pages and one of us was addicted to reading everything s/he could lay hands on about nautical subjects. Note that this listing does not include instruction manuals for the onboard equipment which were kept by the Nav Station in the Equipment Instruction Binders, nor Cruising Guides for the regions we visited, or were planning to visit. On the latter, we tried to have more than one Guide so as to have different opinions and validation on navigation advice and anchorages. In addition, we carried appropriate government Coast Pilots or Sailing Directions and Light Lists for the areas we cruised in. We also had on board (at least for the duration of a visit) a Lonely Planet Guide for each country that helped us explore on land and enjoy the country's uniqueness. We carried Pilot Charts for the Oceans and Seas we visited, and large and small scale charts for the areas we crossed. None of these references are listed below, but we did carry an inventory of them (showing where they were stowed) and generally prefered not to dispose of the charts or guides we'd used just in case we might find ourselves back in that place again.

Needless to say, these guides and charts took up an increasing amount of space--and slowly encroached on the amount of space available for other non-boat-related references and resources. As a result, we gradually whittled down the number of non-boat books we carried so that (eventually) that library consisted largely of reference texts, with general reading material being left at book exchanges after we read them.

Table of Contents for this Article
1. Seamanship 2. Navigation 3. Weather
4. Sailing theory and skills 5. Blue-water cruising 6. Safety and survival
7. Boat maintenance 8. Natural history 9. Miscellaneous


1. Essential Seamanship

2. Navigation

3. Weather

4. Sailing Skills (see also Section 1, Essential Seamanship)

5. Blue Water Cruising

6. Safety and Survival

7. Boat Systems and Maintenance

8. Natural History

8. Miscellaneous

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