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  1. Review passage plan for landfall, charts, cruising guides.
  2. Make sure you have written navigation directions and necessary/safe waypoints loaded into the GPS
  3. Develop Plan B for coming into harbor, if you don't already have one
  4. Transfer plotting work to large scale coastal chart
  5. Do radio check on the VHF
  6. If it looks like landfall will occur in the dark, or crew is tired, heave to WELL OFFSHORE and wait until morning.


  1. Begin coastal navigation routine
  2. Attach anchors to rodes and check the ground tackle
  3. Hoist the Q flag
  4. Check the depth sounder, and/or ready the lead line
  5. Rig mooring lines and fenders
  6. Ready the boat hook
  7. Turn on the engine, and check the transmission
  8. Disconnect the wind vane or autopilot
  9. Drop the sails


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