Medical Emergencies

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  1. Familiarize everyone with Red Cross cheat sheets (we kept them in wall pocket above the Nav Station)
  2. Familiarize everyone with the medical references on board (on bookshelf in cabin port side, and Merck manual in V-berth)
  3. Familiarize everyone with First Aid kit and material (Kit under starboard porthole of V-berth, right hand cupboard, lower shelf, above head sink, and under head sink).
  4. Familiarize everyone with drug and drug indication list, and drugstore inventory (Hangind in the Head)
  5. Familiarize everyone with how to get help over the radio
  6. Make sure each person knows the others' medical history


  1. Make sure you do not put yourself into danger while responding to the situation
  2. Determine if the casualty is conscious or not
  3. Check the victim's heartbeat.
  4. Check the casualty's airways and make sure they are clear
  5. If the victim is not breathing, do Rescue Breathing
  6. If there is no pulse, do CPR
  7. If the casualty is breathing and has a pulse but is unconscious, put him/her in the Recovery Position
  8. Look for bleeding and stop it if you find it
  9. Check for fractures and immobilize any
  10. Once you have evaluated the casualty's condition, decide if you need help
  11. Get help if necessary by making a Pan Pan Medico on the VHF radio (See Distress Calls)
  12. If you get no response to the VHF, start listening to the Ham and Marine frequencies on the SSB (see Distress calls) and make a Pan Pan Medico call.


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