Rigging Failure

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  1. If the engine is on, immediately put it into neutral
  2. Tack or cast off the sheets to luff the sails and immediately alter course so that the broken stay or shroud is to leeward:
  3. If the mast breaks, cut everything away to keep it from holing the boat. Try to preserve the sail if possible, and some of the rigging. It may be possible to corral the mast along the side of the boat, and lash it there well fendered and clear of the water. This requires removing spreaders etc.
  4. Other dismasting strategies:
  5. After a dismasting, get some sail up to dampen rolling. Climb carefully up the mast steps as far as you can and make a lashing at the top to which you can secure the head of a sail. Lash the boom or the whisker pole to the remnants of the mast if needed–you will need to secure the foot of the extension very carefully and tightly at the bottom. Look in Handling Troubles Afloat for ideas.
  6. Rig the emergency VHF Antenna per its included instructions (hopefully you've read these ahead of time.)
  7. See the Cruising Club of America's Memorandum on Offshore Communications for instructions on how to rig an emergency antenna for the SSB.


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