The Whisker Pole

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We didn't use our whisker pole that often, so we kept a checklist to help us remember how to do it.

  1. Release snap from fitting at base of mast
  2. Turn the pole so the mouth faces forward
  3. Attach halyard to mouth end and raise it and cleat it off
  4. Lower the gooseneck
  5. Adjust the halyard
  6. Pull the end of the pole out of the gooseneck by releasing the pin, and put the other end into the clew of the sail, or onto the sail sheet
  7. Put end of pole back into the gooseneck and jam the gooseneck control line into the cam cleat.
  8. Tie a line to the pin-release at the clew end of the pole and bring it back to the mast and secure it. Use this line for releasing the clew of the pole
  9. Push both buttons at the gooseneck end of the pole to lengthen the pole as needed. Buttons lock into holes
  10. Run a line forward from the clew end of the pole forward to a cleat, and also a line aft to a cleat to lock the pole in position.



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