Wind Vane Set up

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        We made this checklist to help us until we got familiar with setting up the Monitor Wind Vane. We tended to use the Autopilot for shorter trips or if we were motor sailing. Nonetheless, when we used it the Monitor did a splendid job under most circumstances.

  1. Red (starboard) line goes over the top of the wheel (on the helm) and through the first hole
  2. Blue (port) line goes under the wheel and through the second hole
  3. Take lines off the wheel and tie together with a square knot
  4. Put lines back on wheel and tighten the knot
  5. Put vane on pendulum between the metal plates. It goes uphill, bottom end away from the boat and pendulum away from the boat
  6. Drop the Monitor's rudder and latch it
  7. Assume desired heading and trim sails so boat is balanced
  8. Us the remote line (turns chain wheel on Monitor) to turn the van into the wind (the uphill side, same side as pendulum)
  9. Engage the wheel


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