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This web article gives links to Internet resources for cruisers. Most of these resources we used during our cruising period and found useful. Even though we no longer actively maintain this web page, we hope you find the links here helpful. We do check them periodically to remove or fix broken links. Let us know if you have suggestions for items to add and we'll put them here.

Table of Contents for this Article
1. Weather 2. Radio and e-mail 3. Charts, Equipment, Services
4. General Information, Training, Membership 5. Magazines 6. Health, Travel, and Misc.
7. Other Cruiser's websites 8. Provisioning  


1. Weather Information

There is a tremendous amount of information available on the Internet pertaining to weather--reflecting, we hope, the recognition that it is the Earth's air, water, and land that allows us to inhabit this wondrous corner of the universe, that releases the winds that allow us to sail across the seas, and that can destroy all of our constructions/artefacts in the blink of an eye.

Radio and E-mail Resources

Charts, Cruising Guides, Equipment, Supplies, and Services

General Information, Membership and Training


Travel, Health, and Other

Websites of Other Cruisers and Sailors



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