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Introduction - Basic Seamanship

Chapter 1 - Starting Off

Chapter 2 - How To's

Chapter 3 - What If?

Chapter 4 - Marine Radio

Chapter 5 - Navigation

Chapter 6 - Using Radar

Chapter 7 - Marine Weather

Chapter 8 - Staying Healthy

Chapter 9 - Reference

Chapter 10 - Miscellaneous

This Handbook is based on what we learned during our four years as blue-water cruisers.

As part of of our learning process, we wrote down pretty much everything.

We hope this information will be useful to other cruisers and wannabe cruisers, as we once were.

NOTE: The Cruising Handbook is now available as an e-Book - download it free in PDF format.

Our Cruising Adventures

We started our cruising career when we bought Callipygia in early October, 2000, and we kept at it until July, 2004. During those four years, we refurbished the boat, prepared ourselves, moved aboard, and travelled over 7,500 nautical miles while visiting some 18 Carribean and West Atlantic countries.

We invite you to read our journals, see maps of the routes we followed, and look at our photographs. Unfortunately, we didn't go digital until near the end of our cruising time, At  anchor in Maine, 2001so we don't have as many of those as we now wish.

Early on we read somewhere that good seamanship results from a combination of experience and knowledge. When we were beginners we tried to offset our lack of experience by increasing our knowledge through reading and study of the best practices followed by the experts.  We hope to pass what we learned along through this website. We'd love to hear if it's useful to you.

We call this handbook "Cruising for Dummies" - and sometimes we were. It's now available as a free e-Book in .pdf format. We've incorporated the lessons we learned into the handbook contents. To help readers navigate, we also made an index of the handbook pages.


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