The Defect Book

We got the idea for this from Don Casey's book "This Old Boat" which has a great chapter on planning to fix up your old boat.

Our Defect Book was simply a standard ruled notebook with three columns drawn on each page, the middle one being the widest. In it we wrote by hand the date, a description, and date of completion for each item. The description is where we noted that something needed attention. A hatch leaks; a light stops working; a winch gets stiff; a gouge is made on the deck; a sailslide sticks; a filter or screen on a hose needs cleaned; etc., etc., etc.

When the item was taken care of a line was drawn through it, the date of completion entered in the right hand column, and an entry was made in the Maintenance Log.

We can't pretend we always got to the items in the Defect Book on a timely basis, and there a few things that were there since the beginning of time. However, it meant we knew we were not attending to something rather than had simply forgotten it.

The Defect Book was kept alongside the Maintenance Log in a lexan wall pocket (purchased from an office supply store) affixed to the bulkhead in the main cabin.


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