The Engine Log

On Callipygia, the Engine Log started out in a separate spiral notebook, but later was kept for convenience as the front section of the Maintenance Log.

Our Engine Log had three columns, with the first being the date, and the last the hour reading on the engine-hour meter. The middle, and widest column, were used for entering a description of the activity. Initially we had more columns, but that didn't leave enough room for description details and we weren't using all the columns, so the format was modified accordingly.

Routine inspections, the result of the inspection, and details of all maintenance done were listed in the Log. Problems encountered were also entered and described in the Engine Log. When refuelling, the number of gallons of fuel put in the tank was entered, and fuel consumption since the last refuelling calculated and circled so it was easy to pick out. Cost of fuel and maintenance activities (done by contractors or boatyard staff) were also noted and circled. As well as keeping track of engine stuff, we also logged anything related to the starting system and transmission in here. Hose stuff was logged in the plumbing section of the Maintenance Log because engine hose clamps and hoses are done at the same time as clamps on other hoses were examined.

We found it really important to log all this stuff, because our memories were simply not up to it.


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Bill Dillon (KG4QFM)
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