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          Cruising styles vary from boat to Up the mast for the umpteenth timeboat, and from crew to crew--just as with individuals.   There is no "one size fits all" aspect to any part of the cruising life. Nonetheless, in the interests of sharing what worked for us, here is how we "did" many of the common aspects of daily life on a sailboat. Initially, we picked the brains of others as to "how to" do many of these things, and we owe a huge debt of thanks to untold other sailors, cruisers, and authors for sharing their ideas.

          We endeavoured to follow what seemed to be the "Best Practices" that had evolved in the cruising community over the years. While we had our struggles, we tried to be cognizent of the dangers of cruising and strove for prevention over cure and generally erred on the side of caution. Even so, we had our share of adventures, but nothing was fatal.

          In the hope that some of what we learnt in our four cruising years might be useful to someone else, here are Callipygia's "How Tos", or SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).


"There is no such thing as fortuitous luck at sea. The reason why some boaters
survive storms or have fewer accidents than others is that they earn their luck by
diligent and constant acts of seamanship"
John Vigor

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