Marine Radio for Dummies
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          Learning the ins and outs Callipygia's radio equipmentof using marine radio (VHF and SSB) while cruising was a major challenge for us. We read everything we could find on the subject and I must say we seemed to get pretty confused by it all. Then we studied for, and got, our ham radio licenses--picking up more detail on the way. We had a hard time finding our way to understanding the "big picture" in which all the details made sense.

          Eventually, however, by trial and error, constant study, and reference to technical resources, it began to come together to the point where eventually we could do all the things we wanted: listen to weather forecasts; participate in radio nets; download weather fax; talk to far-away friends on other boats; get and send e-mail; and keep up with the news of what was happening world wide.

          The listing at the right provides access to books we found helpful, links to helpful Internet websites, schedules of radio nets, hints about using the radio, and the story of how we "got up to speed" on this complex subject. Becoming radio proficient is a necessity for blue-water cruisers. Since there is no "Marine Radio for Dummies" resource out there we offer this as a hopefully useful substitute. We hope you like it.

"The safety of your vessel and the lives of those on board may
depend on the proper use and functioning of your marine radios"
Frederick Graves


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Bill Dillon (KG4QFM)
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