The Marine Radio Log

While cruising on Callipygia, we attempted to maintain a radio log as recommended by the ARRL and the FCC.

Our Radio Log ws a 9 1/2 inch by 6 inch spiral notebook where information was recorded related to installation and adjustment of the radios, and their use. Copies of the Ship Station License, and our General Class (Ham) licences were pasted on the inside back cover, along with our Restricted Radiotelephone Operator licenses. A Table of Contents ws written on the inside front cover, corresponding to the way the notebook ws organized, with tabs, as below:

  1. Installation Notes. This was a chronological log of all radio installation and maintenance work, including when it was done, what was done, and who did it.
  2. Transmission Log. This was a log of transmissions on the Ham frequencies of the SSB radio. While no longer required by the FCC, it is good and helpful practice to maintain this. We kept a separate section of the transmission log for all our transmissions to the Winlink radio e-mail. This was handy, since it provided data for trouble shooting email transmission difficulties.
  3. Channel Reference. We originally kept this list in the log, but later moved it to the Radio Reference Folder.
  4. Listening Log. This was a list of dates/times, and frequencies, when we listened to the SSB and what was being broadcast. This was primarily used when we were learning how to use the radio. Later, we only recorded items when something useful and new turned up.
  5. Winlink User Notices with information about changes to the Winlink system.
  6. Morse Code transcriptions - a place where we recorded what we heard in Morse Code, to try to get a bit of practice periodically.
  7. Miscellaneous Training Notes. Notes from seminars, books, etc., to help improve our understanding and use of radio resources.

This Log lived beside the radios at the nav station and was used pretty much every day that we were living aboard for recording transmissions and channel references.

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Bill Dillon (KG4QFM)
Pat Watt (KG4QFQ)
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