Five blind man wandered together off towards the forest, feeling their way as they went. All of a sudden they all ran into something, and stopped in their tracks. The leader called out "I've found a hose." The second man said "Oh no don't be ridiculous, it's a fan." At the same time, the third man cried "No stupid, of course it's not, it's a tree." Then the fourth said "You're wrong dum-dum, it's a wall." And then the fifth said "You morons, you're all wrong, it's a rope." Each one kept hold of what he was touching and they started arguing heatedly amongst themselves--"How can you be so stupid, you idiots, this is definitely a hose/fan/tree/wall/rope." Eventually they let go of whatever they were holding onto so they had their hands free to punch each other up because each one was so certain he was right. While they were fighting, they heard a loud noise of something crashing around and running off, and then the voice of someone came from nearby. The voice said, "You silly people, you were all correct. You had hold of an elephant--one of you had the trunk, another an ear, another a leg, another its side, and one had the tail."

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