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"We are each on an unbroken line linking us to the primordial slime. We honor our ancestors--they connect us to the source of life."
Mary Rentschler
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          This page is for kids and grandkids everywhere, but most especially for Ashley, Nicky, Kady, David, Dasia, Jasper and Reuben. We hope you find some things you like here. And we'll always try to keep in touch with you by sending postcards etc. We miss you, and sometimes it's lonely out here. We love it when we hear how you're doing. And you can count on us showing up at to see you at least once a year. We wish it was more often.

          In this page we're putting some Internet links especially for kids, as well as some puzzles, riddles, jokes, poetry and stories, etc., that we thought you might like. If you find something you want us to add, just e-mail it to us. You'll even find the biography written for his grandchildren by Pat's Grandfather - who (obviously) lived a long time ago.

We sometimes add stuff to this page whenever we come across or hear about things we think kids would enjoy. If you like this website, tell your friends about it too. And always remember, we love and miss you lots. We treasure the times when we visit you, or you come visiting with us for a bit. We loved it when one of you came to Callipygia and learned how to drive a dinghy, sail a boat, snorkle, fish--especially when you helped us have a good time being a "Kid Boat" while you were being a "Boat Kid". We love it now when you come to stay with us on Clemmie and are an "RV kid" - there's a lot fewer of them than there are Boat Kids!

Bill Dillon (KG4QFM)
Pat Watt (KG4QFQ)
This page was last modified on June 18, 2008

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