Bump in the Atlantic


          The October, 2003, issue of the SSCA newsletter has an important article by Bob Cooley and his son Andrew. On the morning of July 13, 2003, they were aboard Journey, their 32' Westsail cutter, heading for a waypoint at 36° N, 050° W en route to the Azores. When they reached 35° 22.253' N, 051° 29.293' W, they spotted a dot on the horizon. They were near an area on the chart called "Corner Seamounts" but there was no mention of any summits on the charts. They went to investigate and found an overturned boat, at a charted depth of 865 meters.

          Bob and Andrew saw wreckage beneath the unmarked boat and a large number of sharks. As they approached the upturned hull, their depth sounder showed that the bottom quickly shoaled from more than 600' to just 18'. When Journey approached these shallows, the weather was calm, and they were able to verify the position of the shallows and the wreck. They speculate that in storm conditions this shallow spot could easily cause a small area of very dangerous breaking seas, and a vessel caught in them could be rolled so that the mast impaled on the bottom.


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