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          Noticing thow much time we devote to watching our avian neighbors, we created a birding page for our Painted Buntingwebsite. The more we watch, listen, and pay attention to birds and their behavior, the more entranced we are by these fabulous creatures. They keep our hearts open to the mystery of life. If you want to find a miracle, watch a bird.

          We choose our routes, when we can, to take us near good bird-watching places. We've followed the Mississippi with the birds as they migrated north. We've travelled to out-of-the way places in Canada and Mexico to see who was there (birds that is.) At many campgrounds, we find ourselves hanging out in some bird's backyard so we've learned to tread lightly.

          In 2005 we participated in the 9th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count in mid-February, from our campsite in Seminole Canyon State Park in Texas. In November, 2007, we helped count shorebirds along the California coast. Participating in a bird count is fun and educational. We've acquired a collection of CDs and put them on our iPod; learning to know a bird by sound is even more intriguing than bird sighting.



"Alas for those who never sing, but die with all their music in them"
Oliver Wendell Holmes



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