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As you can see in our Cruising Handbook, we learned a lot of lessons while cruising on Callipygia. Some of them the hard way. Here's a summary of a few we think were the most important. If you're interested in reading more, check out the the Handbook details.

Do Don't
  • Drink plenty of water and eat enough on a passage
  • Practice "what if's" in your head so you're somewhat prepared when an emergency strikes (it will).
  • Keep the deck log current with your position on it.
  • Plot your position on the chart before a squall or a storm. Someday, your electronics will go down.
  • Develop some SOPs (standard operating procedures) for the things you do routinely, and then follow them.
  • Be mindful of the Black Box, the Formula for Disaster, and the Four Rules.
  • Read the Cruising for Dummies Handbook that we wrote documenting everything we learned while cruising.
  • Enjoy yourself. Sit in the cockpit and watch the sunrises and the sunset.
  • Plan routes that always go against the prevailing winds.
  • Leave on a trip without (1) a marine weather forecast, and (2) having a Plan B if you can't carry out Plan A.
  • Let yourself get exhausted when underway.
  • Go off in the dinghy without safety equipment. The amount depends on the trip. Before you get into the dinghy, be aware of what'll happen if the motor dies and decide what to take just in case....
  • When you're on the boat, never attach a line to a mooring buoy and to or round yourself for any reason.
  • Anchor without an escape strategy.
  • Wait until your too old to start on your dream of cruising. We did!

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