Lessons Learned
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          As we've gone through life, raising children, in our various careers, and in retirement, we have acquired some insights that have helped us grow as humans, live more fully and improve our professional performance. We've acquired experience and knowledge in each of the various walks we've had in life thus far. Here are some of the most (we think) useful insights and information we've picked up along the way. These are our lessons learned - sometimes the hard way. We hope that some of this may be useful sometime, somewhere, to someone else besides us.

          The "Lessons for the Workplace" section includes many of the handouts that Bill developed during his 25-year career as an Organization Development (O.D.) consultant. To see see a list of these handouts, refer to the Handout Index.           

          So long as we are able to keep up this website we'll undoubtedly continue to learn, so please check back regularly as we add to the list and expand those already here.


"Even the gods are helpless against stupidity"


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Bill Dillon (KG4QFM)
Pat Watt (KG4QFQ)
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