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Climb into our Attic - filled with nuggets and treats for browsers.

Look in its hidey holes for fun things to do and read.

Get lost in the past, life as it once used to be.

About The Attic

We started our website in 2002, and it quickly grew like topsy. Over the years we started doing new things and stopped some of the old. In early 2008 we gave the website its third facelift, and in so doing reorganized the way all the material is presented. So we gathered up the old stuff, as well as things that you'd expect to find in an attic, and created this virtual storage place. It's filled with interesting, if dusty, goodies. We hope you enjoy it.

This is one of our favorite pages. NaNoWriMo Winner, 2007As you can see, we read, talk and write a lot--sadly to the point that often we forget about taking care of our home, first Callipygia, and now Clemmie. We learn and trade ideas about a lot of (to us) interesting stuff, and sometimes we think what we write isn't all that bad. Mostly we agee with each other, but every once in a while--well we have to tell you it's just not so pretty..... You wouldn't want to hear it. Anyway, we've gathered enough hutzpah to put it out on the web, because who knows but it might be of interest to some other people.


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