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          Pat did a bit of quilting 30+ years ago when her kids were little. As a volunteer she sat in a lot of League of Women Voters meetings where many others did some kind of hand work. Another Leaguer, Sarah Jane Phillips, taught Pat how to do some quilting, and it has intrigued her ever since.

          In 2005 as we travelled up the Mississippi we went to the American Quilting Museum in Paducah, and thereafter visited quilt shows wherever we found them. She then bought a basic "How To" book, a few tools, and some bits of fabric. She researched and found the recipe for the Cathedral Window, the pattern she had learned from long-lost Sarah Jane. She made a square of the pattern, then realized her technique needed help. Being constantly on the move, a class was out of the question. Then, oh wondrous serendipity, she discovered that friend Andrea in Austin was an experienced quilter. Over Christmas, Andrea took Pat to an Austing quilt shop and outfitted her with essential tools and resources, helped her pick some more fabric bits, and then coached her through the preparation of pieces for her first square. Hey presto, she was launched and for a brief while got some pleasure from working on hand-piecing her first sample quilt. But... After a few months her motivation (but not the interest) lagged, it's hard to keep learning a craft on one's own while moving around so much. Ergo, this interest is on hold until such time as we settle down in one place and Pat can connect with other quilters.

          Stay tuned, this page is in its infancy. Who knows quite where it will go


"You gain knowledge from lessons in books.
You gain wisdom from the lessons of life."
  Pauline Kahle



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