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          This page is the entry to a bibliography of books we've read (or are reading) and which we think are particularly informative and/or enjoyable. We started this list in the spring of 2003, when it dawned on us how lucky we were to (finally) have the timVisiting crew reading in Melbourne, FL. 2001e to read, and to discuss what we read. Sharing what we learn and the ideas thus generated helps keep our minds agile and open. As you can see, our interests are often focused on life's existential questions and the human predicament. Note that in this bibliography we've only included books that we'd give 3 (on a scale of 1-5) or more stars.

          Interestingly, the more we read the harder it is to categorize our readings, as everything seems to get more and more inter-related. Nonetheless, for simplicity, we've tried to group the books we read into several main piles, as shown in the Table of Contents on the left. Click on a category and you'll get a printable list of the books, and their authors. We periodically update each group. Within each group the books are listed in the chronological order (from the top) in which we read them.

          A major challenge for us is always finding space to store our books. We finally gave up trying to keep our alarmingly growing piles, and now for the most part give them away when we're done.

          Note that these lists don't include mysteries, etc., or other light reading that we resort to when in need of a bit of mind suicide. Nor does it include what we consider essential reference books, such as an atlas, dictionary, thesaurus, alamanc, field guides, travel guides, etc. We've also also acquired an unfortunately spacious collection of books on website design and sofware reference. The latter are likewise not included here because we doubt that they're of general interest.

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