About the Trouser Rollers

      Our website was formerly known as Callipygia's Home Page,  a reflection of its creation at the beginning of our cruising life aboard sweet Callipygia.  For obvious reasons we changed the title when we sold our boat and took up land cruising.   Taking a line from T.S. Eliot's poem, The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, we have named it The Trouser Rollers. 

       We initially developed this website to keep family and friends informed about our travels and experiences, but (as you'll see if you spend much time here) it quickly turned into our filing cabinet.  You can find here much of what we learned as live-aboard sailors, maps and logs of our travels, a photo album and many slide shows, campground ratings, stuff for kids, reading lists, essays, opinions, lessons learned, action alerts, jokes, practices, many lists, links, recipes, quotes, and more.  A list of everything on our website can be found on the site map.     

       We began our sixties as full-time working stiffs. We cleared the hump of life and saw retirement age approaching; with it, the grave came inching into view.  Time was flying. In 2000 we screwed up our courage, covered our eyes, and leapt into the cruising life.  We disposed of most of our belongings and bought Callipygia, a Tayana 37' cutter-rigged sailboat. During the next four years, after spending some months learning the boat and doing upgrades, we moved aboard and cruised to eighteen Caribbean and West Atlantic countries - travelling over 7,500 nautical miles.  But then, as we neared the end of our sixties, we began to feel our years and miss our families. So in the summer of 2004 we "swallowed the hook" and took up land cruising in a 24' RV named Clementine.  

      After four years roaming in Clemmie, we decided to hang it all up and move back into a house. Much as we loved roaming in the natural environment and living in a small space unencumbered by a lot of stuff, we also missed a sense of community. We had visited one of our kids (and grandkids) in Juneau, AK, every year for over a decade, and noticed its incredible sense of community and cultural life. After weighing pros and cons, eventually we decided Juneau was the one place we knew of with pretty much everything (except weather) we wanted and needed for our final days. So, in the fall of 2008, we sold Clemmie, bought a car, packed up our belongings, and headed west.

       As we cruised the seas and land together we found time to think about what was happening worldwide.  Our awareness of different cultures grew.  It became ever clearer that the US' and humanity's current paths are unsustainable. In our final years we want deeply to contribute to the more benign evolution of our species, and to join hands with all who care about the future of our planet and its inhabitants.  We're doing so, in part, through this website and the website for our Global Change Seminar .

       There's more information about each of us in a one-page thumbnail sketches of our lives and careers:

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