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About the Update Log

After we built the Sea Lion in Glacier Bay, Alaska--or is it our webmaster?initial parts of our website in 2002, we started keeping a chronology of new stuff added and website facelifts - it's been through four facelifts. Once we get settled in Juneau, Pat's planning to get into video production. Stay tuned....

Here is a chronology showing the evolution of our website.

The list does not include minor corrections or relatively insignificant changes. We welcome comments about how we can improve the website.

July 30, 2009

Finished making an e-book from the Cruising Handbook section of this website. Quite a bit of effort. It's not completely finished because I still have to make the links, but my internal editor deemed it sufficiently useful to post as is. It's a free download.

December 30, 2008

Created a new WordPress website for the Juneau Journal for use in 2009 and thereafter.

November 22, 2008

Migrated Pat's blog to WordPress and gave it a new face. Finally figured out how to add the Search function and put it on the Home Page

September 11, 2008

Finished the Travel Log/Journal for 2008 and created a Juneau Journal page to carry on the tradition of blogging about our doings and beings.

July 11, 2008

Added the diary of Agnes Fleming Clark Parker, Pat's paternal grandmother to our folder of Other People's Stuff. This diary and the autobiography of her maternal grandfather (John Robertson Clark) were prepared by Pat's brother, Sandy. One day we hope to get his memoirs as well as Pat's family tree. Regret to note that we've lost track of the updates we've made in the last few months, but it includes installing WordPress in the website and converting Pat's blog and Bill's blog to this improved format. Pat has been busy on pro bono website design and development for The Constellations Group, and Developmental Delay Resources (DDR).


February 14, 2008

We've attempted to create an organized Directory of all of our Writings.


January 31, 2008

See the new Best Bird slide show we made as our Xmas present. The website upgrade is well underway. The Living Room, and the Attic are brand new. The Home Page, the Cruising Handbook, and the Travelogues have had big facelifts. The Photo Album, list of Slide Shows, and index of Travel Journals are much easier to search. This Update Log also has a new face. The goal is to make the website faster to load, easier (and more fun) to navigate, and readily searchable. Let us know what you think - and especially if you find any glitches.

September 14, 2007

The slide show of our Alaska Trip is now complete. If we've made errors of identification, please let us know. We saw so much, it was hard to keep track of. Webmaster spending much time learning to use Flash and improving her web software skills as she plans an upgrade to the website. Let her know what you'd like to see different, changed, or added.

July 30 , 2007

Photo album page for Denali National Park is finished, and album page for Alaska is current. Slide show for our travels through Alaska is about half finished. Slide show of Inside Passage is complete. Everything else (except the travel journal) has taken a back seat. Too many gorgeous views, too many photos!

June 24, 2007

Made a page of photos of our ferry trip up the Inside Passage to Juneau. Working on a slide show.

May 1, 2007

Finished all of the maps of our travels and made an index page leading to all the maps. Also, made a slideshow of the Utah Canyonlands. Began a Poetry page with a few old poems and much hope of more. Added a page showing each of the monthly poll results. Completely reorganized our myriad bird photographs which were getting totally out of hand. Links to earlier pictures may not longer work, but you can still reach all the photographs (they should be much easier to sift through now) via the Bird Photo Index.

April 4, 2007

Began making travel maps. You can see RV travels in 2007 and 2006. Also, some more slide shows: Dominica, It's A Beautiful Planet, photos of Callipygia, and our initial ventures on land, our RV travels in 2004.

March 3 , 2007

We've begun adding interactive maps of our routes to illustrate some of our travels. You can see a map for 2007 and a map for 2006. Made a slide show of our trip through Atlantic Canada in 2005, and nearly finished the Mexico slide show. Made a photo album page of photographs we caught of Mexican Birds.

February 14, 2007

Revised the format for the slide shows to make them easier to view. Converted 'The Best Bird' and all the other slide shows to this new format. Started making a slide show of our Mexican trip. We've made an index of the blog topics. And are keeping up-to-date with our monthly action items, the logs of our travels, and the photo album. This dang thing could take over our webmaster's life.

December 18, 2006

Made a new slide show, 'The Best Bird', to highlight some of our bird photos. We're managing to keep our Weekly Blogs more or less uptodate.

November 5, 2006

Made another slide show, this one of our time in the island of Grenada. To make the Campground Ratings more user friendly we've reorganized the data and added some navigation elements. And, we've added flyout panels on the Nuggets page to make it easier to find your way through that little goldmine. And consolidated our lighthouse photographs together on a page of the Photo Album. Finally, we've separated out the bird photos into different categories for ease of navigation.

October 6, 2006

We're working on improving our graphics skill. Hopefully you'll slowly see some interesting tweaks and quirks on the website. The home page now has a new banner with hotspots on it. Move you're cursor over it and see what happens. The blog button now has a rollover behavior. And the tool-tips associated with the various navigation images throughout the site should now show in all browsers, not just Internet Explorer. A lot of techie, but time-consuming, stuff. And we've added a new reader poll on the Home Page. The question on the poll will change periodically.

August 25 , 2006

We made our Big Bend photos into a slide show. And, we've added fly-out menus to the Table of Contents for the Photo Album, the Cruising Handbook, and the Writing Index. These should add significantly to the ease of navigation in these sections of the website. Also, a new 'On Writing' section has been added to the Lessons Learned page.

July 28, 2006

There's a new 'food' page that gives suggestions for ways of combining different types of food for improved metabolism and weight management. Also several new recipes. And we've got a slide show of our trip through the Canadian Rockies.

June 26, 2006

We went through all our photographs from travels in the UK and created a separate photo album page. From these we made a series of slide shows describing our travels: Wales; Yorkshire and Northern England; Mainland Scotland; the Inner Hebrides; and the Outer Hebrides. We made another Album page for pix Pat took at her old school's 175th anniversary celebration in York.

March 10 , 2006

Collected our photographs from Big Bend National Park into a separate photo album page. Fixed a glitch in the flyout menus on the Table of Contents on the Home Page. March's political action day focused on the needs of America's National Parks. The Travel Log is current, as is the blog. Finished converting the Ship's Logs for 2001 and 2002 to the new, easier to read format.

February 19 , 2006

Collected together an index of our proliferating writings. Articles, essays, opinions, etc. Started a weekly blog. Began compiling communications with grandchildren. Modified the Home Page a bit and redid the Photo Album.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Finally figured out how to do the script for the fly-out panels to the Table of Contents for the Home Page. Had it working for the previous version of the Home Page, then couldn't get it to work in this one. It works again but I'm danged if I can tell exactly what the earlier problem was. Made an Index page for the O.D. handouts in the Lessons Learned section. Also, a new commentary, on the Patriot Act and a new joke. And, in response to requests from readers, we've provided links to the background articles we prepared for the Global Change Seminar.

Monday, January 4 , 2006

We prepared new pages for our log and travel pix for 2006. Redid the index to the Photo Album so that it's hopefully easier to navigate to the growing number of pages in it. Reformatted the Everglades page and the page with our bird photographs. Almost finished finalizing the Global Change Seminar as we plan to begin marketing it to more people. Added a few new recipes and a short description of what we did for our December Action Day. Created a Birding Lessons page and a new page listing birding and insect references.

Sunday, November 27 , 2005

Added material to Lessons for the Workplace. Created a new Action Alert page reflecting the activity from our monthly Political Action Day. Bill has written a commentary on the War on Drugs. And finally the Global Change Seminar (our this year's project) is live!

Friday, November 9 , 2005

We did a very helpful 'dry run' of our workshop on October 22, yielding many useful suggestions. Many of these have been implemented. (1) The Workshop has been renamed 'It's Your Move! - A Global Change Seminar.' (2) A new website has been created for the Seminar. Please visit this new website. We hope to launch (announce) that the Seminar is ready in a couple more weeks.

Friday, October 7, 2005

We've made a Site Map to help you find what's on our website. Most of the pages in the Cruising Handbook have been reformatted for ease of access. Also, we've redone the home page, and added a Guest Book to it. We're doing a (hopefully) final test on our workshop in a couple of weeks and expect to launch it around the end of the month. We've started a new music page in the nuggets section of the website.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

We're proud to announce the first publication of some Cape Breton stories from our friend John Ure. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do--and we've added a couple of fun links to our Birding page.

Monday, August 8, 2005

We've completed a huge amount of the development for our online workshop. The next time we get a decent Internet connection we'll submit a trial version to a few people to test and give us feedback. We're hoping to launch the workshop in October. For now, you can get a glimpse of it through the start page. Also, with all the photos we've taken this summer, we've made a new photo album page recording sights seen in Atlantic Canada.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Because our travel pictures are getting the better of us, we've moved pictures of Clemmie camped along the way to a new Photo Album page, and moved recent bird pix to the Birds page. We've also reduced the size of the thumbnails so hopefully now the On The Road picture page will load much faster. We've started work on the Lessons Learned section, and the Keeping Fit page has been updated, as well as our reading lists. Our webmaster is going to school (when she's dry) to begin learning how to make web pages interactive, in anticipation of our online workshop needs. As a first step we've prepared a 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQ) page for the workshop.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Cruising Handbook, 'What On Earth', Links, Nuggets, Kid Stuff, Growing Old, and Food on a Boat pages, and miscellaneous notes index are all upgraded. And In the Cruising section, the index of Boatcards has a new look as do the Radio page, the cruising 'How To's', and the Navigation and Weather pages. We've redone the outline for our 2005 project to reflect our decision to make this an Internet workshop, rather than a traveling workshop. We're slowly working through the rest of the website, to bring more uniformity to its look, make it more readable/pleasing to the eye, and with easier navigation. It has turned out to be a lot of work and we'd appreciate feedback on these improvements.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

There is a new index page for all our Travel Logs. The current Log has a new (hopefully more readable) look, as does the Log for 2004, and this update log. The cruising logs haven't yet been converted, eventually we'll get round to that. Additionally, we've started adding occasional little digressions to the text--in the hope that they will make our website more interesting/enjoyable for our readers (assuming we have some, that is.)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

We've finally organized all our photographs so that every one of them is now (we hope) accessible through the Photo Album which has many new pages: Martinique; previously uncatalogued photos from Callipygia's Ship's Logs; and roaming with Clemmie in 2004 and 2005. We've also added a page of photographs of our dear ones.

We're also slowly upgrading the entire website, making the footer consistent for more and more pages. Very impressed with the power of Dreamweaver (MX2004) not only for creating and changing web pages, but it is outstanding for managing the website and keeping it synchronized on the Internet. Worth every expensive $ it cost, as well as the many many hours on the learning curve--which continue.

Friday, March 4 , 2005

Some new pages are in the photo album, of pictures taken in Barbados and Dominica in 2004, and recently in the Everglades National Park. Started a Land-Cruising Statistics page to track our annual roamings, and also a Campground Rating page.

January 22, 2005

The site upgrade is finally beginning to roll beyond the Home Page. The Reading List has at last been updated and (we think) has a lot more eye appeal as well as a printer-friendly bibliography. We've created a short slide presentation describing the concept of the traveling workshop we're developing. We're soliciting your feedback on the concept, and your support as we implement it. Please send comments or suggestions to our private email address. And in anticipation of possibly having to explain who we are as we implement this project, we've posted a brief biography for each of us. These are our first efforts at creating .pdf files for the website--part of the current overhaul.

December 7, 2004

Still working on the Dreamweaver and Studio learning curve-however, new home page is finished and seems to be working fine so decided to upload it anyway. Crossing fingers. We're busy planning a traveling workshop, hoping to reach people who can see we're on an unsustainable track but are feeling helpless, and then help them figure out what they can do about it. We'll keep you posted.

September 11, 2004

Bill has written a new commentary after seeing a sweetened cereal marketing campaign. The On The Road section is now current and has many pictures of our travels embedded in it. It includes a link to information on the recent devastation in Grenada from Hurricane Ivan. We hold the island, and cruisers there, in our heart--remembering well how much we enjoyed our stay there in '03. We're still struggling to learn DreamWeaver, but making significant progress. Stay tuned.

August 29, 2004

Much has happened in the last several months. As you'll see from the Ship's Log we decided that, after 4 years with Callipygia, traveling by sea some 7,500 miles and visiting 18 countries, we decided to 'swallow the hook' and take up 'land cruising' in an RV. Thus, we've begun a new section to the website called On The Road, where we will make note of our land travels. In the meantime we're working on redesigning the website, and upgrading it using Dreamweaver--all of which is taking longer than we'd like. Stay tuned.

April 14, 2004

Bill has written a Letter to President Lincoln. And, as we prepare for the ocean crossing, we've written up John Rousmanierre's Four Rules of Preparation and finished the 'What If?'s. And we finally have a sailing photograph of sweet Callipygia on the Home Page (and also in the Photo Album).

March 6, 2004

Bill has been writing again. He has written essays about aging and his experience with prostate cancer. He's also written a couple of commentaries about the role of the media in our foreign policy, and the US failure to ratify the Ottawa convention, banning land mines. To manage this torrent of writing, we've separated the essays from the commentaries. We've started adding the checklist content for various boating 'What If?'s to the website. And, as we plan our ocean crossing, we've written down some provisioning hints. All of this discussion about eating, encouraged us to create a Food page.

February 3, 2004

Started a new Ship's Log for 2004--doing a better job of incorporating links to photos in it. Compiled annual statistics showing how far we've traveled each year, etc. Pat wrote an essay on the Cruising Life. Some tips for creating convenient and accessible extra storage space have been written up. A new page in the Photo Album is devoted to pictures of Guadeloupe. The Dinghy page of the Cruising How Tos has been amplified and finished.

December 26, 2003

A few more photos have been added/updated in the Photo Album, and with the most recent entries we've started adding links to album photos from the Ship's Log. New photos include some other boats, and pictures of Callipygia's interior. [NOTE: If you put your cursor over an underlined word, and it turns red on a yellow background, then it's a link to another page or a photo.] Details of our stay in Barbados can be found in the Sight-seeing sections of our website. And a note about the uses and need for rubber bands and bungies has been written. As we inventoried and reorganized our charts we wrote up how we do that, and added it to the Navigation Hints. We've also written up what we've learned about anchoring so far in the Cruising 'How To' section of the website. Finally, we've started a page of Cruising Tips in the miscellaneous Notes section of the website. And a happy and peaceful holiday season to all.

November 25, 2003

The entire website has been updated. We hope it makes your visit and/or browsing around easier and more enjoyable. We've also added a few new pages. All the various notes and jokes are now indexed. We've added a note about dinghies and one about a Bump in the Atlantic. And, we've added some hints for using Radar on a cruising sailboat in the Navigation Hints page. For anyone who may have a technical interest, when we originally created the website, we wrote the whole thing in HTML. Now that we have a better grip on HTML, we have separated the format from the content and moved to CSS2 style sheets. Hopefully, in a year, we will do another upgrade using DreamWeaver so that this website becomes even more user friendly. Please send us an e-mail if your browser has trouble with any parts of the website. And, for anyone who keeps the Ship's Log on their Favorites list, note that the URL for it has changed.

November 8, 2003

The Photo Album has been updated with the addition of a page of pictures of the Pinehenge reunion. Much work has gone on behind the scenes to upgrade the entire website to make it load faster and easier to navigate around. The upgrade will take place around Thanksgiving.

September 13, 2003

The Photo Album has been updated with the addition of a page of pictures of our grandkids. And there is now a navigation bar at the top of the Home Page to make it easier to get to many parts of the website.

August 28, 2003

The Photo Album is finally here. It has been a whole lot of work to figure this out, and only five pages of photographs are initially available. However, more will shortly follow. And did you notice that the background for the Home Page has changed--and little descriptive text boxes pop up when your mouse hovers over one of the pictures on the Home Page? All part of a new and improved visual appearance for the website being made during this year's Home Visit.

August 9, 2003

The Ship's Log has taken on a life of its own these days. Also, the list of Boat Books has been completed.

May 15, 2003

A few new links are added to the What On Earth?? page. Another joke has been added, and our Reading List has been reorganized and brought uptodate.

April 14, 2003

Two of our favorite (and frequent) salad recipes have been added. Also, there's a new, interactive (we hope) section in Nuggets where we want YOU to send us your responses to important life questions and we'll maintain an anonymous compilation of answers that we can all learn from.

March 17, 2003

As we inch towards war with Iraq, a new essay on warmongering has been added to the essays, and the usually weekly updates to the Ship's Log are available.

February 8, 2003

The Weather and Radio sections of the Cruising page are now in place. There is a great deal of new information here, including Links to weather and radio resources, a schedule of Radio Nets, hints and tips about understanding weather and using marine radio and a chronology of how we got our on-board radio resources set up. A counter is at the bottom of the Home Page to let us know how many people visit the website. A new postcard has been written--and the weekly update to the Ship's Log has begun.

February 1, 2003

A new section has been added to the Quotes page. The Ship's Log is now being updated about every week --assuming we can access an Internet cafe. If you are following our travels, this is the part of the website to watch. And, John Rousmaniere's Formula For Disaster has been added to the Cruising page.

January 27, 2003

Much new material is found through the Cruising page. The How To section has been substantially expanded with information on how we do all kinds of things on the boat. Most of these relate to keeping the Black Box filled. Also, the Ship's Log is now brought up to date and available for review. Bill has written another essay indicating his ideas about how we might break our way out of this spiral of destruction for which we, as a species, seem to be responsible. And, a couple of new jokes have been added related to forgetfulness. We'd be interested in your thoughts on the use of jokes on this website. Interesting? Annoying? Distracting?

January 6, 2003

The Update Log has been created. Additions have been made to the Reading list, a new Postcard has been posted, and Bill's Wisdom is here. On the Cruising page, the copy of Callipygia's Waste Management Plan has been posted as well as a description of a way we found to keep fit that works on a sailboat. In anticipation of Burns Night a recipe for haggis is added to the Recipes page. The Affirmations page has been updated and expanded. A new joke is reached through the Earth page.

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