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          As we grow older and ponder about life (ours and the planet's) we find it helpful to write about what we think. Sometimes these writings are sufficiently coherent (we hope) to be shared with others, and so we post them on the website. Note however, that lately we've mostly slid into making shorter, more frequent (and with less effort) mini-essays in our blogs which are updated more or less weekly.

          Please note that essays are listed here in chronological order--the most recent ones at the top. If the site's webmeister would spend less time on the website and more just writing, there'd be a bit more here. The essays come in fits and starts.

         In addition to these essays, see also the articles we wrote as part of the Global Change Seminar curriculum and also commentary on US and world affairs.


"Wherever there is perception, there is deception. Most of our perceptions are erroneous.
We have to keep asking ourselves: "Am I sure?"
Thic Nhat Hanh

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Bill Dillon (KG4QFM)
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