Making sense of growing old, the Trouser Rollers' work to be useful and fulfilled in old age


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Welcome to our Living Room, where we work to be useful and fulfilled in the final years.

Join us in our efforts to do as little harm as possible.

See how we try to make sense of old age.

About The Living Room

One blessing of retirement is that we, finally, have the time to spend reading and thinking and talking about our lives and deaths--trying to figure out what it all means. This web page is where we share the process of aging, and what it means for us.

We feel incredibly thankful Collagefor our good health, our families, and to be able to live this kind of lifestyle in retirement. In return we feel compelled to share whatever wisdom we may have accumulated, to make a conscious effort do as little harm as we can, and to work at redirecting the course of humanity - which seems bent on self-destruction.

We invite you to read our journals, see maps of routes we followed, as we've cruised by land and sea. The Photo Album is filled with photos from our travels and the people who are dear to us.


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