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          "It's Your Move!" is the name of the Internet seminar (workshop) for small groups that we developed during 2005. We selected that project as "Our Move" in adressing pressing global problems. Through this Seminar, we hope to help other people figure out The Global Change Seminar what "Their Move" might be. We think this project allows us to make full use of the skills we developed during our working careers, and in so doing contribute to a better future for our grandchildren.

          The Seminar is a free distance learning course designed to widen the perspective of participants about global problems and the human role in them. Participants establish small groups to learn about and discuss these issues, and become empowered and motivated to take constructive action - in the way that make the most sense to them.

          We created a separate website for the Seminar, then found that some readers of this ("Trouser Rollers") website want to be read a few of the Seminar articles but don't want to participate in the Seminar. This page provides links to informational articles written specifically for the Seminar curriculum.

          To learn more about the Seminar or to start a small group, please go to the Global Change Seminar website. Let your friends and family know about the Seminar. We are especially interested in working with educators to adapt the curriculum for a social studies component in high school or college courses.

If you're uncomfortable with the way things are going
it must by YOUR MOVE!

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