Web Help for Non-Profits, Etc.

          Now that Pat has and built up her web design and development skills, in late 2007 she began by helping a friend, and then in early 2008 started offering her services to worthy organizations. Below are links to organizations that she has or is helping. These are listed in chronological order based on when she started working with the organization.

  1. Casa Roja - rental accomodations in San Miguel d'Allende in Mexico (our friends Paul and Jane - Nov '07)
  2. Developmental Delay Resources - integrating conventional and alternative approaches for children with developmental problems. (Dec '07 - present)
  3. The Constellations Group - facilitating family and organizational constellations to resolve interpersonal difficulties. (April/May '08)
  4. more coming....

          If your organization is in need of help, just let her know by sending an email of inquiry explaining what kind of help you'd like along with a link to your existing website (if you have one) or a description of the organization (if you don't.)


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